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Changing jobs

Changing jobs

We all change jobs from time to time - and when you do, a little help can go a long way.

Having a consistent CV

Filed in Changing jobs

If there’s one thing as important as an accurate CV, it’s having one that’s consistent.

Avoid dropping a CV clanger

Filed in Changing jobs

CVs can have a reputation of being something between ‘aspirational’ and a work of total fiction – but if you want to be taken seriously, your CV is important.

The importance of the covering letter

Filed in Changing jobs

For many job applicants, their CV’s covering letter is a missed opportunity instead of a chance to shine.

Taking redundancy positively

Filed in Changing jobs

One day you’re in work, cheerfully doing your job, the next day you get an unexpected note in with your pay slip. It’s hard to take redundancy positively, but it should be viewed as a beginning and not an end.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff

Filed in Changing jobs

One of the (admittedly few) benefits for employers in times of recession is that there are more people looking for work – but that creates another problem: sifting through ten times as many applicants for each job.

The need for candidates to shine

Filed in Changing jobs

Competition for jobs has never been so intense, so there’s never been a greater need to stand out from the rest of the job-hunting crowd.

Making the most of your CV

Filed in Changing jobs

Despite its importance when securing interviews, many CVs are at best underwhelming and at worst seriously flawed. Your CV is your ambassador to potential employers – if it doesn’t shine, then you won’t land an interview.

New year, new job?

Filed in Changing jobs

When it’s a new year most of us think about losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising more – or perhaps finding a new job.


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