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Being a visibly better employer

Being a visibly better employer

Want to attract the best people to your business? Make sure that you tell the world what your business is all about.

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There are many reasons people want to work at a particular company. Some are obvious, like pay and benefits. Some are less obvious - for reasons that are often hard to define, certain companies become 'the place to work'.

Such companies have less of a problem recruiting new talent. Peoplewant to work there. They have a natural magnetism.

Market to potential employees, not just potential customers

Almost all of a company's marketing focus goes into attracting new customers. This is understandable, but perhaps something of an old-world view that has its origins in the budgets of sales and marketing being inextricably linked.

Yes, customers bring that all important revenue into the business, without which nothing is possible. But employees are the ones which deliver the products and services which generate the revenue. Better employees means more greater efficiency, better profits and perhaps better products and services.

Sure, most corporate websites have a few pages given over to 'why work here?' and perhaps some current vacancies - but that's really the minimum that can be done.

Weave your employment values into your brand values

The reasons why someone should work for your organisation should be a key part of its brand values - and a part, to some degree - of all of its marketing activities. After all, how many candidates for a job research that role by downloading an annual report, following a company's Twitter feed or leafing through a product brochure? 

The social network isn't just for selling

These days, this especially means your marketing presence online. But 'online' doesn't just mean your website. One of the key ways in which businesses today reach customers is through social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn especially. Nearly all of most companies' focus on social media is based around marketing their products and services - and not so much about promoting the organisation's qualities as an employer.

In some cases, the overall promotion of the company on social media websites is a little lightweight - with most of the time and effort put into the company's own website. This is understandable, but sites such as LinkedIn boast a significant amount of traffic in their own right, so having great LinkedIn pages is almost as important.

Take a look at LinkedIn's new features

For companies, LinkedIn has been steadily adding features which provide both the opportunity to market products and services - and also to promote the company as a great employer.

  • Company profile- many organisations haven't completed their company profiles. Although the opportunity for marketing here is limited, you can upload your own logo and some text.
  • Products and services- here's where things get a little more interesting. A new tab has appeared on the company page called 'services'. This allows you to position your company's key products and services. There are three main elements to this: the services page itself, sub-pages from the services page (for adding specific services) and banners - large graphical banner images which can link to specific services on your website.

What's especially slick about these new pages is they offer a decent amount of space in which to promote yourself. Better still, anynewrecommendations you get can be aligned to the products and services of the company, not just individuals who work there. 

Why are these pages so important from the perspective of promoting employability? Simple: LinkedIn really isthenetwork for businesses - but not only for finding 'someone to do the job well'. It's also a key place that those looking for a job go to research their potential employers.

A company advertising for a role really wants to be in a strong position - it's better for negotiations if the employeereallywants to work for you. Yes, a savvy person is likely to visit your website and download your annual report, but many professionals will look on LinkedIn first. It's worth getting right.


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