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Tamara Atherton

Recruitment account director

Tamara has an excellent combination of experience in business development and recruitment. Tamara works closely with Nick Bate, focusing on recruitment for sales, customer success and marketing professionals in the L&D sector. If you are looking to hire a sales professional, get in touch with Tamara.

Tamara is good at:

  • Recruitment for sales professionals within L&D, including SDRs, sales managers, business development managers, marketing managers, customer success managers and more
  • Taking time to research the client’s business and getting a strong understanding of the company and their recruitment needs
  • Matching excellent candidates with brilliant roles
  • Clear communication and building relationships

Tamara’s testimonials:

“Tamara is an exceptionally warm and focused sales person, incredibly driven and yet ... not ‘salesy’ at all. She represents the most effective part of customer service, and if you want to make a difference to your business, I can wholeheartedly recommend making Tamara part of your team.”

Ula Howlett

“Tamara is a pleasure to work with. Professional, fast, delivers. Does what she says she’ll do and no messing. Uses social media brilliantly for work and community matters. She runs a very valuable Facebook group that has provided incredible support, counselling and networking across the local community and lately becoming noticed internationally. As a writer, her social commentary is fast, funny and creative. Her counselling is empathic and sensitive with immense common sense.”

Ed Francis

“Tamara has a wide range of skills that she can turn to any situation to reach the best outcome, but also achieve the best for the individuals involved. Tamara’s communication skills, both written and verbal, are second to none, which come through in her knowledge and examples in social media and Web platforms. Tamara’s willingness to help others, both in business and personally, is reinforced with her past experiences and makes her a pleasure to work with.”

Graham Davidson
Tamara Atherton

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