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It’s never just a job to us

We help people spend a third of their life in a better place

It’s said that people spend a third of their lives working. That’s way too long to be doing the wrong thing in the wrong place. That’s the thing that drives Blue Eskimo: connecting the best people with the best roles, making lives better and companies better. It’s not just a job to you, so finding L&D people for L&D roles isn’t just a job to us, either.

What we do

What we do

The elevator pitch: we find L&D professionals for L&D roles. Just L&D. Nothing else. And because we specialise, we think we’re pretty much the best team doing this. Not just because we have a bigger database (although we probably do) but because we simply do a better job. We’re part of the sector. We understand the roles. We know the people. 

  • We’re all about L&D – and not just L&D professionals either, but also people in sales, marketing and management
  • Search and selection – finding the best people, the ones who aren’t out on job boards but are busy creating success for others
  • Permanent and fixed-term recruitment – advertising and searching for great L&D professionals to fill key roles 
  • Flexible resources – providing talented people, often with specialist skills, for fixed-term roles, typically on a set day rate
  • Executive and senior search – working hard to find those proven rare gems who are already working in a top team and are needed to complete yours

Why we’re different

Why we’re different

OK, here’s all the strutting peacock stuff – even if we know it’s tiresome when so many companies claim to be ‘the best’. Whether we’re the best isn’t up to us, it’s up to the people who use us and the companies we partner with. We’re proud to work with the best L&D providers, the best L&D departments – and represent some of the best L&D talent. 

  • We’ve been around for over twenty years, doing nothing other than L&D recruitment. As far as we know, no other company in the UK can say this.
  • We’re actually an active part of the L&D sector, contributing to events, research and much more. We’re not aware of any other company coming close.
  • The business founders both worked in L&D for many years before setting up Blue Eskimo. They’ve not worked anywhere else and it’s part of why we understand the sector way better than other companies.
  • We’ve almost certainly placed more L&D people in L&D jobs than any other specialist recruiter. No other company can say this.
  • Around 80% of people surveyed said that they would choose us to help them find an L&D job. We doubt any other company could say this.
  • We’re the only recruitment company accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute. No other company can say this.

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Amazingly well connected

It’s not (just) what you know. It’s who you know.

It’s not (just) what you know. It’s who you know. You know what a bang-up job Bob Geldof did putting Live Aid together? Well, it all started with having a cracking list of contacts – people he could just call up, people who knew him. And it got nailed into place by sheer tenacity and energy. Well, that’s us. In the L&D sector, no company is as well connected, and we don’t stop until the job’s done. Think of us as L&D’s Bob Geldof. But in suits. Sometimes.

Knowing me, knowing you

Knowing me, knowing you

We couldn’t be as good at what we do if we weren’t as well connected. We make it our job to not just serve the sector, but be part of the sector. No other recruitment company comes close.

We’re better connected

  • 1,100+ exceptional L&D people placed into exceptional L&D jobs
  • 325+ exceptional organisations we’ve worked with
  • 11,000+ exceptional candidates on our database
  • 6,000+ exceptional L&D professionals following us on LinkedIn
  • 60+ years’ collective experience in L&D recruitment
  • 19+ years exclusively serving the L&D sector

Unique L&D relationships

  • The only recruitment company accredited as an LPI Business Partner, and an ambassador for the LPI’s Capability Map.