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Search and selection

Let’s face it – the best people aren’t looking for jobs. They’re successful, busy, well-paid and looked after. They don’t come to you. You have to find them.

Finding the best

Job boards and social media make finding people look easy. The reality is that the best people aren’t hunting for work. They’re not looking at job boards. The last time they updated their CV was when they landed their current job. That’s where we come in. Our search and selection service is all about finding those elusive top performers. We believe that we can do this more effectively than anyone else – because, as an active part of the learning sector, we’re genuinely better connected. While other recruitment companies are still trawling databases, we’ve already picked up the phone to one of the thousands of people we personally know

Finding the best

Every role is important

Learning is a skills-driven sector. What’s inside people’s heads really matters to the success of your business. So, we can recruit for pretty much any role. World-class executive roles? Check. Seasoned sales director? Check. Experienced head of learning? Check. Proficient project manager? Check. Creative instructional designer? Check. Skilled animator? Check. Talent manager? Check. Trainer? Check. From the top table down, we can find exactly the right person for every role.

Every role is important

Unbeatably well-connected

With over a decade specialising in recruitment for the learning sector, we’re uniquely well-connected. Company founders Nick Bate and Nick Jones established Blue Eskimo following their previous successful careers within the sector itself. With thousands of people connected to Blue Eskimo or following us on LinkedIn, plus thousands more signed up for updates, we’re ahead of the game (and other recruitment providers) before we start looking. We’re an active part of the learning sector – with our ears to the ground and real feet on the street. Where others have to start hunting through databases and online profiles, we’ve already picked up the phone and started a conversation with one of the many people we already know. And we know the roles inside out, not just as a specification handed to us by a client.

Unbeatably well-connected: Nick Bate and Nick Jones

Thorough at search, adept at landing

It’s not just a question of finding great people, either. Great people are happy – so attracting them into a new role isn’t easy. It takes skilled, careful negotiation and a real knowledge of the sector and of the client. So, while we’re undeniably great at finding people, we’re also outstanding at landing them – for example, finding out what will make them want to move and handling that inevitable counter-offer.

Thorough at search, adept at landing

Working with the Learning & Performance Institute

Blue Eskimo enjoys a unique relationship with the Learning & Performance Institute, as its nominated recruitment provider. And, as a company that’s accredited by the LPI, we operate within its guidelines and uphold its standards.

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