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Building an employer brand with LRN, to drive its UK talent acquisition

When LRN entered a new geographic territory via acquisition, it needed to rapidly grow its team with some of the best L&D talent around. The problem? Those people hadn’t heard of LRN and could pick and choose jobs with other companies initially perceived as stronger employers.

LRN stands for Legal Research Network; the company was founded in 1994, in Los Angeles. LRN is built on a belief that society is better off when legal and ethical knowledge is accessible to all. Ethics and compliance play a critical role in the company’s culture, strategy and risk. The solutions LRN offers aim to save companies time, align with regulation, provide critical insight, and deliver an ethical and cultural experience that fits the needs of their businesses. 

As the demand for digital learning has increased, LRN has sought to expand its offerings and, in 2020, announced the acquisition of Interactive Services, the Ireland-based global compliance and online-learning firm. This gave LRN the resources to deliver even more in the e-learning space – and the expertise to develop more bespoke e-learning and content for the companies it partners with.

The acquisition of Interactive Services was only part of a rapid growth strategy which took place alongside a recruitment drive needed to fulfil senior roles – including anything from digital designers to project managers.

LRN needed to quickly make several key hires in the UK market – and these candidates would join the remote teams already working in New York and Dublin.

A specific challenge LRN faced was that it was not particularly well known in the UK. Also, the company’s rapid expansion took place within the huge growth in the learning tech sector – against which there was a ‘passive candidate’ challenge. The top talent just wasn’t looking for work.

Any exceptional talent in learning and development has their pick of companies to choose from – and the LRN brand was not front-of-mind with those working in the sector. In short, LRN had a lot to do – and not much time to do it in. The company contacted Blue Eskimo and suggested that we partner with its HR team on a recruitment strategy for the UK. 

Blue Eskimo has worked with Interactive Services for many years, so benefitted from established, strong, working relationships within the team – and, with over 15 years of L&D recruitment experience in the UK, is a well-known firm with a strong network of potential candidates.

As a trusted partner, Blue Eskimo was able to approach its network with the opportunities and outline the benefits of the roles at LRN – quickly filling the nine available roles with top-level people who at the time had not even been considering a career change. Fast forward to 2022 and LRN is now well known as a top employee in the UK learning technology sector –and Blue Eskimo continues to partner with the company as maintains its growth.