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Talent-first recruitment for Go1

For one of the world’s leading providers of learning content, Blue Eskimo was able to source some of the most talented people, in a recruitment market where those people are ‘invisible’ because they’re not looking for work.

Go1 has grown from being a two-person start-up in a garage in Australia to become the world’s largest digital learning library. Go1 is essentially a content aggregator, but the company has earned its place as the world’s most comprehensive learning and development library by building technology that allows it to integrate with the biggest names in e-learning.

Go1 gives its learners a single point of access to over 100,000 resources across a vast range of topics, including industry-specific learning. Alongside this extensive library of learning, Go1 has built its growth on using sophisticated AI and customer success managers to deliver a personalised learning experience for its clients. This combination of the breadth of learning content the platform can provide, along with the technology and customer service needed to deliver personalised learning paths, plus L&D support, delivered exponential growth in a short space of time and Go1 has become one of the leading players in the learning tech space.

Go1 has experienced the sort of rapid growth and success most companies can only dream of, but this has brought its own set of challenges when it comes to talent acquisition. Go1’s growth is against a backdrop of a booming learning tech sector, which means the demand for talent in the market is outstripping supply – which has implications for recruitment strategy.

The type of senior level candidates which Go1 needed don’t actively seek roles in such a strong market. Go1 needed to seek them out – and if they didn’t find the right people quickly, they risked losing pace; not having the right people in place to move the business forward strategically. Ollie Browning, head of sales at Go1, got in touch with Blue Eskimo as he had worked with us previously and knew we had a great network of candidates in the learning and development sector.

“The first step for recruiting the senior team for Go1 was to work with them to define exactly what they were looking for in a candidate – in terms of attitudes, behaviours, skills and cultural fit. For these types of roles in this market we focus on a passive recruitment strategy. Rather than promoting roles to active job seekers, we approached people within our network who are already in roles – with an amazing new opportunity to consider. With this strategy, we rely on the relationships we have built over our 15 years in the business to really focus and seek out the best candidates.” – Nick Bate, Blue Eskimo

The L&D recruitment experts

“Blue Eskimo successfully placed, in 2021, the positions of sales manager, head of partner success, customer success manager and senior account executive – and continues to partner with Go1 today. Having worked with Blue Eskimo for many years, when I was building out my management team and senior sales roles at Go1, there was only one place to go. Working closely with Nick –he took the time to listen, ask great questions about the role the business and what I was looking for – as always. What I love about working with Nick and the team is that they will only share a limited number of candidates, but they are always the best – it’s usually very hard to choose between multiple candidates, and in some cases I have created additional roles to ensure we capture great talent when it’s available in the market.” – Ollie Browning, head of sales, Go1