Blue Eskimo

Helping Filtered to build a key competencies framework for L&D

Blue Eskimo worked with Filtered, an award-winning user-personalised learning platform, to develop Magpie – an intelligent learning recommendation system for L&D.

Filtered is a powerful learning solution which uses AI to work out the most relevant courses for each individual learner. Blue Eskimo was approached by Filtered to create a new system, called Magpie, specifically for L&D professionals.

Using a conversational user interface, Magpie selects the most relevant learning assets – from a human-curated collection of over 200 videos, courses and articles – for each person. Blue Eskimo’s role was to help build the competency framework from which Magpie would make its recommendations.

As the learning sector’s most experienced recruitment company, Blue Eskimo had already helped the Learning & Performance Institute to build its Capability Map. This experience – backed with Blue Eskimo’s unparalleled sector expertise – helped us work with Filtered to create a unique and powerful learning tool for L&D professionals.

Interactive questioning leads people to the content most relevant to their skills area, making recommendations which build a personalised learning programme.

The content helps people not only with L&D-specific skills, but also the skills L&D professionals need. These include:

  • Agility

  • Consulting

  • Content curation

  • Content development

  • Marketing

  • Relationship building

  • Virtual technologies 

Magpie is free to use, and has been adopted by hundreds of L&D professionals.


1:02:06 Nick Jones and Toby Harris

Webinar: Nick Jones, owner and director at Blue Eskimo, and Toby Harris, solution architect at Filtered and vice chair of eLearning Network, discuss Magpie for L&D professionals – how it was conceived, how it was built and how it works.