Blue Eskimo

Quarterly Market L&D Barometer (Q2 2023)

The L&D barometer measures change over time and we benchmark each quarter. Alongside our annual Workplace and Salary survey the L&D Barometer is designed to highlight the relevant and insightful trends that are happening in L&D.

Recent interest rates have put additional pressure on businesses and we are seeing a reassessment of finances. As the era of cheap lending seems to be firmly coming to a close, businesses are prioritising the projects they need to spend on now, and assessing which can wait or scale at a slower pace. The pandemic forced a boom in investment in digital which benefitted L&D greatly, but was sometimes to the detriment of other areas like capital and transport, and equipment. However, many of these fast-tracked digital projects are now finished or coming to a close. When we compare this quarter to previous quarters during the pandemic the slowdown can appear stark, but what we are actually seeing is a readjustment to business as normal.

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