Blue Eskimo

The LPI Capability Map

A unique and powerful tool that’s designed specifically for those in the learning sector, the LPI’s Capability Map is designed to accurately showcase skills and experience.

Let's face it. There's a problem when applying for a job. Your CV is important, but a CV can be any format. A CV is also a tool for looking at your overall career history, not your skills now – and where you do talk about current skills, you'll not be using a common language. The LPI's Capability Map addresses these shortcomings and is a powerful tool to use alongside your CV and job application.

A free online tool

The LPI’s Capability Map is a free online tool, created to help learning professionals map their skills against a framework which uses a 'common language'. It's built for today's learning teams – it uses up-to-date terminology and isn't based on an out-of-date learning model. It's also commercially focused – which is to say, it has a practical outlook and isn't head-in-the-sand theoretical.

It shows you mean business

There's no doubt about it in our minds. Those learning professionals who supply a competency profile as well as a CV will disadvantage those who don't. It shows you are self-aware about your skills and objective about how these are presented.

Blue Eskimo’s services are aligned to the Capability Map

The Capability Map is a core part of our recruitment process. We recommend that both employers and candidates make use of it, because it provides a clear way for skills to be understood. Candidates don't have to supply a competency profile, but we recommend that they do. We also recommend that employers request one.