Blue Eskimo

White paper: Is mainstream recruitment failing candidates and employers?

You’d think that recruitment would be easy. In reality, the experience for both parties is, more often than not, far less than satisfactory.

As recruiter and candidate consider each other across the interview table, both sides have something valuable to offer; both sides have something the other wants. It should be just a case of connecting the right candidate with the right company – easy! It seldom is.

Potential employers express dissatisfaction with most candidates – and most candidates don’t feel that potential employers offer the job satisfaction they are seeking. Rather than resulting in a match made in heaven, both parties often feel pressed to select the best of a bad bunch – since there is often a practical need on both sides to fill the role (the employer needs to fulfil the business requirement, while the candidate needs the salary).

This mismatch between what each party wants and what each party gets raises some interesting and serious questions.

  • Why is it that there’s often such dissatisfaction with the recruitment process?
  • Does it actually fail frequently or is it just perception?
  • Are most candidates really not that great or is it just a case of ‘the grass is
  • always greener’?
  • How do employers find the elusive right candidate?
  • How do candidates find the right role – and the best company to work for?