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Blue Eskimo launches highly targeted training sales service

Leading training recruitment company Blue Eskimo has launched a new training sales service targeted specifically at the learning and development industry.

While organisations turn to recruitment companies such as Blue Eskimo to help them to find new sales people, they also often have a need to improve the skills of their current teams.

To address this issue, Blue Eskimo has launched a sales training service, designed to provide a tailored solution to an organisation's sales needs. The service is targeted specifically at training and e-learning companies.

According to Nick Bate, director at Blue Eskimo, many training and e-learning companies feel the need to improve the performance of their sales teams. "All companies want stronger sales," says Bate. "Of course, we're already involved in helping them to achieve that, through our recruitment services - where we bring in new sales talent. But often greater performance is needed from the current team."

Blue Eskimo believes that its sales offering is more effective than general sales training courses, because they work closely with the customer and because they know the learning and development industry so well.

"There are lots of generic sales courses available, but selling within the training industry is fundamentally different to selling in other industries," says Bate. "Training companies are not selling fridges. The training sale requires a different skill-set. We're totally focused on the needs of training companies - everyone within Blue Eskimo has worked within the learning and development industry and, of course, it's where we specialise in recruitment."

Training programmes are tailored to the needs of each company, and, says Bate, "focused on meeting the business needs of the organisation." This means that not only is the training relevant to the industry, it's also relevant to the company.

"Our customers have been telling us that there is a real need for this," concludes Bate. "Training courses for training sales people - developed and delivered by people who have themselves worked in training sales and know the industry inside-out."


Working with the Learning & Performance Institute

Blue Eskimo enjoys a unique relationship with the Learning & Performance Institute, as its nominated recruitment provider. And, as a company that’s accredited by the LPI, we operate within its guidelines and uphold its standards.

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