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Blue Eskimo’s available jobs triple – ready for New Year job seekers

Blue Eskimo, the leading recruitment provider to the training and e-learning sector, says that, as we enter the new year, more people than ever are looking for new jobs – what’s more, there are a record number of jobs being advertised.

It's not unusual for a new year to make people think about a new job - so perhaps it's no surprise that this year, as in previous years, January is an exceptionally busy month for Blue Eskimo - the leading training and e-learning recruitment company.

According to Nick Bate, director at Blue Eskimo, the number of people looking for jobs has increased by almost 50%. "It's not really unusual," says Bate, "there's always a seasonal hike in January - although this year's is larger than that of most previous years."

What's more unusual this year is that there are far more available jobs. "We've more than tripled the number of vacancies we have available," says Bate, "which means that we're able to help more people find that 'January job' than ever before. Although there are quite a few general warnings about the economy, the training and e-learning industry seems to be holding up well, with quite a few companies bringing in new people to keep driving the growth in their business."

January is traditionally a time for people to think about changing jobs or even switching careers - and most recruitment companies report significant increases in job seekers at this time of year. The problem, according to Bate, is that there are seldom enough jobs to go around. "The January recruitment market is the most competitive," says Bate, "with more applicants for each job - because there are simply more people on the market. So it's very good news this year that the number of available jobs is significantly higher too - it means we're going to successfully place more people."

"Thankfully," says Bate, "because we specialise in the training and e-learning sector, we can cope with this surge of activity. Larger, more generalist recruitment companies can be so snowed under that they aren't able to sustain a responsive service - so job seekers just don't get to connect with employers. Since we only work in the training industry, we can maintain our focus."


Working with the Learning & Performance Institute

Blue Eskimo enjoys a unique relationship with the Learning & Performance Institute, as its nominated recruitment provider. And, as a company that’s accredited by the LPI, we operate within its guidelines and uphold its standards.

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