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Majority of candidates dissatisfied with mainstream recruitment companies

According to leading training and e-learning company Blue Eskimo, most candidates within the learning and development industry feel that mainstream recruitment companies just don’t understand their needs.

Recruitment is a competitive business - and there is no shortage of recruitment companies. But according to Blue Eskimo, the specialist recruitment company for the learning and development industry, most major recruitment companies don't know enough about the industry in order to provide a solid service to candidates.

"We get consistent feedback from candidates that they are disappointed with how mainstream recruitment companies work," says Blue Eskimo's Nick Jones. "Training, while not a specifically complex industry, does require a great deal of specialist knowledge - especially e-learning and IT training. When candidates come to us, many of them express dissatisfaction with their previous recruitment agency experiences."

According to Blue Eskimo, many recruitment companies don't have a real understanding of what trainers, training sales people and training administration people do. If the person works within the technical training or IT training field, the recruitment company may not understand - or even be aware of - the technologies involved. "Candidates tell recruitment companies that they are SQL Server trainers and they might as well be speaking Klingon," says Bate. "And, because they fundamentally don't understand the industry, they can't provide a good enough service to candidates. They simply can't evaluate people properly, or assess CVs - or, more important, match the right people to the right roles."

Blue Eskimo believes that it succeeds where others fail because of its real experience in the learning and development industry. "Everyone within Blue Eskimo has worked in learning and development. We understand this industry so well because we've all been a part of it."

"It doesn't matter how large a recruitment company you are if you don't understand your customers," says Bate. "Collectively, we have an industry experience of over thirty years. It means we understand our candidates and can connect them quickly to the right jobs. It's one of the things which sets us apart."


Working with the Learning & Performance Institute

Blue Eskimo enjoys a unique relationship with the Learning & Performance Institute, as its nominated recruitment provider. And, as a company that’s accredited by the LPI, we operate within its guidelines and uphold its standards.

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