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Need a short-term sales fix? Blue Eskimo can help.

Blue Eskimo, the specialist training recruitment and consulting company, can help organisations with short-term sales problems by providing ‘pay-as-you-go’ sales people.

For many training and e-learning companies, sales problems can be a short-term nightmare to which the only solution seems to be to hire someone permanently when the requirement is only temporary, or to use a telesales agency which doesn't have any specialist knowledge of the training industry.

To provide a solution to this challenge, Blue Eskimo is now offering an 'outsourced sales' service - providing an experienced sales person on an 'as-required' basis. Blue Eskimo's Nick Bate believes that the service could help training companies to address short-term sales issues without compromising their business. "The problem with using telesales companies is that they are located externally," says Bate, "so it's difficult for them to integrate with their customer's needs. Also, they tend to not have the required skill level needed to sell training programmes. Another way to get sales skills is to recruit - which, of course, is a service that we provide. But if the requirement is temporary, it's an unnecessary increase of permanent headcount."

There are many instances when a temporary boost in sales is needed - perhaps when a company is entering a new market segment and doesn't want to distract its current sales team away from its core activities. Or it may be that more sales effort is needed when launching a new service or product.

"There are also instances when smaller companies could benefit from having a sales big-hitter," says Bate, "someone who they couldn't afford to employ full time, but whose efforts could provide real benefits quickly, within a few weeks."

The service is designed to be simple, based around an agreed fixed-term contract, with the customer paying for the time used. The sales person can work from his own office, or, better still, from the client's sales office - enabling a better integration with the current sales team and the organisation.

"We believe that this provides an excellent option for companies needing to boost short-term sales," says Bate. "It provides access to top sales talent, when it's needed, without a long-term commitment."


Working with the Learning & Performance Institute

Blue Eskimo enjoys a unique relationship with the Learning & Performance Institute, as its nominated recruitment provider. And, as a company that’s accredited by the LPI, we operate within its guidelines and uphold its standards.

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