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Should you be recruiting in a crisis?

There’s no doubt about it; we’re in a crisis. Businesses are understandably concentrating on furloughing, redundancies, transitioning to remote and different ways of working alongside exploring other cost saving exercises.

A crisis (and a recession) is all about priorities - and more often than not, about hard choices. No manager wants to furlough or make people redundant, but sometimes it must be done. Belts need to be tightened. But there's one thing that's true about every crisis: they come to an end. So, whilst there's an urgent need to manage a business through times like these, there's a bigger need to be prepared for coming out at the other side.

Indeed, many businesses don’t fail during the upheaval and consequent recession, but as the recession ends - because their competitors have managed to get themselves in better shape for when the recession is over.

This incredibly difficult and challenging time brings with it opportunity. The key to making the most of this opportunity and using the time - which you will never get back - is to plan what kind of size and shape your company needs to be in post-recession times. Take a look at the skills and manpower you'll actually need. Does it make sense to take on a large, expensive headcount when you can't afford it? Do a few prudent and strategic hires prepare your company to get ahead of the game and ready for exiting this unprecedented situation?

In a lot of respects for those organisations that can, there's never been a better time to hire. There are more high calibre people available to recruit now than there were even just a few weeks ago. Even in the current climate, we’re seeing many of the L&D industry’s ‘cream of the crop’ getting snapped up.

It's not all about future planning either. A siege mentality will clearly be necessary for some organisations at the moment but as history tells us, the winner of a battle is seldom the army under siege.

Is this the time to re-think what skills the business really needs?  Could it be that a few highly skilled people can make a massive difference to your company's survival chances?

So, while there is a real need to keep hands firmly on the tiller and grit your teeth, there's also the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors - getting in better shape now and preparing yourself for the future.

We are seeing our clients approach this situation in many ways, for understandable reasons – some are tightening their belts, freezing recruitment or deliberating longer than usual on hires – however, there are others that are grabbing this opportunity by the horns and working closely with us to identify talented individuals, who have not been available in what has been for years a ‘candidate-driven’ market.

Clearly, the situation is different for every type of business. We’re always available if you’d like to discuss where you are, how you are and how you are preparing to get through this situation - and whether there is anything we can do to support you. We can be reached on 01527 579 647 or info@blueeskimo.com


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