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Edmund Monk

Non-executive director

Ed is one of the best-known people in the L&D sector – which is not surprising as his main role is the CEO of the Learning & Performance Institute. Ed works with Nick and Nick to help steer and grow Blue Eskimo.

Ed is good at:

  • Working with all kinds of organisations to help them with all aspects of skills acquisition
  • Leading from the front without leaving anyone behind
  • Thinking out of the box, or, as he prefers to say: “there’s a box?”
  • Devising new business models and helping to change the learning landscape
  • Building partnerships locally, nationally and internationally
  • Growing profitable businesses in a way that doesn’t break their people

Ed’s testimonials:

“I have never met Edmund in person, yet I can say without reservation and without hesitation, that he is the kind of human being, leader, coach, learner, mentor and influencer that this world desperately needs at the moment. Thank you for being you, Edmund!”

Bill G

“Ed is one of learning & development’s most significant thought-leaders. Grounded in research and data, his understanding of L&D’s impact on organisations and the shifts required in the new world of work are both actionable and thought-provoking. Through his leadership with the Learning and Performance Institute, Ed has enabled organisations worldwide to retool through the pandemic and has provided practical advice for the shifts required in the new workplace. I enjoy collaborating with Ed and working together to bring actionable business impact to the industry. Thank you, Ed and the LPI, for all you do for the industry.”

– Shelly Morris

“Ed is a genuine thought-leader in the L&D space. I was introduced to Ed by a good friend when I set up my own business for the first time. I’m still grateful for that introduction, as Ed played a key role in helping me establish myself. He offered great support and advice, as well as introducing me to the LPI. We’ve been working together for three years now, and he’s one of my go-to contacts for testing ideas/opportunities. He thinks strategically, and genuinely wants to help. I highly recommend Ed for anyone looking to win in the world of L&D.”

– James Powys

“I’ve met many practitioners in training, learning and professional development and only a few have been pivotal in shaping my thoughts and trajectory of my work. Edmund is one of those people. I don’t use the word loosely when I say he is an influencer. The work he is leading with the Learning and Performance Institute is a shining example of how he is literally influencing the L&D community with transformative thinking, high impact leadership, and doing it all in the spirit of excellence.”

Kevin M. Yates
Edmund Monk

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