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Useful articles

Useful articles

Helping to keep learning professionals and organisations up-to-date with training and recruitment issues – and helping people with their careers.

L&D roles are changing – how will you adapt?

Filed in Work research

Teachers, students and tools of learning have existed from the very beginning but they are no longer immune to the effects of technological progress. How are these fundamental roles changing and what does future hold for workplace learning professionals?

Linking learning management systems to the recruitment process

Filed in Employment strategies

Learning management systems contain a goldmine of information that could astonish your recruitment team.

When is a skills shortage not a skills shortage?

Filed in Employment strategies

With the toughest employment conditions for thirty years and so many people out of work, why are some jobs still so hard to fill?

Workforce planning – yes, you can plan your workforce

Filed in Employment strategies

Most companies still plan their resources on a headcount basis – when what they really need to do is plan in terms of skills.

What makes a great learning and development manager?

Filed in Employment strategies

We take a look at the superhuman attributes needed to deliver amazing value as a learning and development manager.

Being a visibly better employer

Filed in Employment strategies

Want to attract the best people to your business? Make sure that you tell the world what your business is all about.

Now’s the time to hire, not fire

Filed in Employment strategies

Here’s an idea from the left field – while everyone’s concentrating on tightening their belts, there are some great people to be snapped up.

Maximise your organisation’s current skills

Filed in Employment strategies

When you’re faced with a skills gap, the first reaction may be to recruit – but sometimes you don’t need to: you may already have the answer to your problems.


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