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Useful articles

Useful articles

Helping to keep learning professionals and organisations up-to-date with training and recruitment issues – and helping people with their careers.

Making the most of your CV

Filed in Changing jobs

Despite its importance when securing interviews, many CVs are at best underwhelming and at worst seriously flawed. Your CV is your ambassador to potential employers – if it doesn’t shine, then you won’t land an interview.

New year, new job?

Filed in Changing jobs

When it’s a new year most of us think about losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising more – or perhaps finding a new job.

Before you send your CV, do your research

Filed in Changing jobs

Sure you want a job – but do you want it to look like you need the job so badly that you’ve not done your homework? Finding out about a potential employer is one of the most effective steps to interview success.

The next steps in your career in learning

Filed in Career strategies

We tend to think of a career as being a linear, upwards path – but often there are more satisfying and rewarding career choices to be made.

Your CV is not enough

Filed in Career strategies

Here’s the bad news. In an increasingly competitive job market, the good old CV just doesn’t cut it any more. But there’s some good news.

The dangers of being too social

Filed in Career strategies

Social networking has some great benefits, but it’s not without its risks – especially if you’re in business.

Knowing what you want, getting what you want

Filed in Career strategies

Whether you’re writing a CV, attending an interview, negotiating a contract or looking for promotion, the key to getting what you want is to clearly define your goals.

Doing what you love is the key to career success

Filed in Career strategies

You don’t get many successful people – in any walk of life – saying that they got to the top despite hating every minute of what they do. If you hate your job – you’re doing the wrong thing, or doing the right thing in the wrong place.


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