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Useful articles

Useful articles

Helping to keep learning professionals and organisations up-to-date with training and recruitment issues – and helping people with their careers.

The only way to career success is not up

Filed in Career strategies

When it comes to being truly effective and successful at work, knowing when to stop chasing promotions is probably the hardest lesson to learn.

Want a change from working in the training industry? Get a job in the training industry!

Filed in Career strategies

Everyone gets jaded in his or her job from time to time. Whether from boredom or a desire to progress, the grass often looks greener on the other side of the hill. Chances are, though, that the career change you are looking for may be closer than you think.

Using the Learning & Performance Institute’s Capability Map

Filed in Skills development

The Learning & Performance Institute’s Capability Map is a powerful tool for job-seekers and employers alike.

Are your skills ready for challenging times?

Filed in Skills development

There’s arguably never been a better time to be working in the learning industry – but are you ready for the exciting changes afoot?

Linking learning strategy to recruitment

Filed in Skills development

For organisations to get the most benefit from learning and recruitment, the two activities need to be interwoven.

The growing demand for skills in mobile learning

Filed in Skills development

Just as the workforce is becoming more mobile, so is learning – and that’s driving the need for specific skills.

Learning skills currently on the rise and the decline

Filed in Skills development

We take a look at those learning and training skills most – and least – in demand right now.

Look before you sell

Filed in Skills development

Many people see sales purely as a numbers game – you throw enough bait into the pond and someone’s got to bite. But more successful selling, especially in training, takes a little more forethought.


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