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Useful articles

Useful articles

Helping to keep learning professionals and organisations up-to-date with training and recruitment issues – and helping people with their careers.

Stepping stones to successful selling

Filed in Skills development

Consistently successful selling, for obvious reasons, represents the key goal for any salesperson wanting a long and rewarding career in sales. There is, however, no magic formula that can immediately result in huge increases in your revenues.

Preparing for a job in the training industry

Filed in Skills development

Whether you want to be a trainer, a sales person, a project manager – or any role from a multitude of others – the training industry can provide a rewarding and interesting career.

2011 salary and work survey published

Filed in Work research

It’s a question most of us want to know the answer to: “Am I getting paid enough?” Well, our latest salary and work survey can answer this – and more.

Blue Eskimo’s 2010 salary and work survey

Filed in Work research

Each year, Blue Eskimo undertakes a comprehensive work and salary survey for the learning sector. The results of this year’s survey are in – and make for interesting reading.

IT training isn’t dead. It’s just grown up.

Filed in Work research

If the recent IT Skills Research report proves one thing above all else, it’s that the IT training industry is alive and well – in fact, in pretty good shape. So why do so many people think otherwise?

Latest report on the top IT training providers shows a healthy IT training market

Filed in Work research

The leading UK IT training research company, IT Skills Research, has published its ninth annual table of the top IT training providers in the UK – and it shows an industry which is doing well.


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